Dental veneer care in Henderson, NV

How to Care for Your Dental Veneers

If you want to have a better smile, finding a dentist in the Henderson NV area who does dental veneers is only the first step in the process. The most beautiful dentistry in the country can become a distant memory if the teeth are properly cared for once the work is complete.

Once you have invested your time and financial resources in dental veneers, heed the following advice to keep them in tip-top condition:

1. Cleanliness is the key. Although porcelain veneers are somewhat resistant to staining, discoloration is still possible. Try to avoid common stain triggers like heavy smoking, darkly pigmented teas, and red wines. Whenever possible, make an effort to brush and floss after exposure to these substances. Pay careful attention to the areas along the gumline and between the teeth where stains are most likely to occur first.

2. Be careful. Although porcelain veneers are incredibly durable and strong, they are subject to fracture or break under intense forces. Avoid biting directly into crunchy or firm foods, cutting food items into bite-sized pieces if possible.

3. Health matters. Veneers are designed to fit along the contour of your gum line. However, if the health of your gums declines after the veneers have been placed, you will notice that the edges of the veneers may become obviously visible. This can be the result of gum disease, receding gums, diabetes, or other poorly managed health problems.

4. Use protection. Protect your veneers from cracking or breaking by wearing a custom mouth guard when participating in sports activities. A mouthguard can even be helpful during non-contact activities such as strength training or golf where you are most likely to clench or grit your teeth together forcefully. Consider a protective appliance if you tend to grind your teeth at night as well.

5. Book your checkup. The dentist is trained to assess the quality of your veneers at every dental visit. Checking the edges and margins of the veneers regularly improves your odds of having a small problem detected before it becomes more advanced.

For more information on the proper care of dental veneers, contact a dentist in Henderson NV today.


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