Easy Prevention for Premature Dental Aging

No one wants to look old before their time. That’s why we work so hard to take care of our skin, hair, and health. But, did you know that your teeth can age prematurely also? A top dentist in Henderson NV says that the teeth can age much faster than they should, but it is possible to prevent this unwanted deterioration.

What causes young teeth to look old? Excessive wear, eroded enamel, cracked ages, and staining can make young teeth look years older. Short teeth can also add years to your appearance. Many of these issues can occur as the result of excessive forces on the teeth. Years of clenching and grinding can cause the teeth to wear down rapidly. An uneven or unbalanced bite pattern can also contribute to damaged, older-looking teeth.

Protect your pearly whites. If habits such as nail-biting or daytime clenching are the problem, you could try making a conscious effort to change those behaviors. However, studies show that most of the damage caused by clenching or grinding occurs at night while we are asleep, and self-control is virtually impossible in this case. A simple, custom-fitted night guard is the easiest way to protect your teeth during the time when damage is most likely to occur.

What is a night guard? The dentist can use measurements and clinical information about your teeth to design a customized acrylic bite guard that is to be worn at night while you sleep. The bite guard provides a barrier between your upper and lower teeth while supporting a healthier jaw alignment in order to prevent excessive biting forces as well as TMJ discomfort. Custom guards are less bulky, more comfortable, and more effective than moldable over-the-counter products.

How old are your teeth? To find out if your teeth are showing signs of premature aging, contact a Henderson NV dentist for an examination today.


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