The Cause and Effect of Dental Problems

The Cause and Effect of Dental Problems

Although it may seem as though your dental problems just sneak up on you out of nowhere, the truth is that there’s a cause and effect to every dental problem. If you are currently challenged by a dental problem, you should certainly see a dentist in Henderson to have it addressed, but it’s also important for you to understand what caused the problem as well as its potential effects.

Take a look at this overview of some common cause and effect dental scenarios:


  • Cause: Breakdown or demineralization of the enamel in an acidic environment, dry mouth, plaque acids.
  • Effect: Weak teeth, pain, infection, sensitivity, and discoloration.

Gum disease

  • Cause: Plaque and tartar accumulation; poor immune resistance, poor oral hygiene.
  • Effect: Bleeding, receding gums, bone loss, and tooth loss.

Irreversible pulpitis (inflamed or infected dental nerve, abscess)

  • Cause: Deep tooth decay, infected dental nerve, severe trauma.
  • Effect: chronic infection, pain, requires root canal treatment and dental crown or tooth extraction.

Stained teeth

  • Cause: Discoloration from the pigments in foods, drinks, and poor plaque control.
  • Effect: Cosmetic concerns, aged appearance, personal insecurity.

Tooth loss

  • Cause: Untreated or advanced tooth decay, periodontal disease, accidental injury.
  • Effect: Changes in speech pattern, difficulty chewing, cosmetic concerns, shifting teeth.

Heart disease and other systemic health problems

  • Cause: Increased inflammation and decreased immune response related to chronic dental infections.
  • Effect: Increased risk for birth complications, heart attack, stroke, and uncontrolled blood sugar.

Typically speaking, dental problems don’t ‘just happen’. Instead, the problems that affect your teeth and your health can be linked to a specific cause as well as a predictable consequence. When you learn to look for the causes and understand the consequences, you’ll be better prepared to prevent these problems from ruining your health, your smile, and your wallet. But, you can’t do it alone! Talk to a dentist in Henderson today for more help.


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