FAQs about cracked tooth syndrome from your Henderon, NV dentist.

FAQs About Cracked Tooth Syndrome

A complicated dental issue such as cracked tooth syndrome can leave you with more questions than answers, even if a Henderson dentist has already explained it to you. If you just can’t remember all of the details that were discussed at the dental office, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding cracked tooth syndrome.

  1. What causes cracked teeth? Teeth are likely to crack when they have large fillings, and cavities, or are under too much stress due to grinding or bite problems.
  2. Does clenching or grinding increase the risk of cracking a tooth? Yes. The molars and premolars are subjected to 200-300% more stress during periods of bruxism (clenching and grinding). Bruxism is a common nighttime habit that can cause the teeth to split or crack, and the problem is difficult to control without the help of an overnight bite guard.
  3. What are the signs of a cracked tooth? A cracked tooth may hurt when you bite down. The tooth might also be extremely sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. As the tooth flexes along the crack line, the dental nerve is pinched and overstimulated. The nerve becomes hypersensitive and can even become infected.
  4. How does the dentist fix a cracked tooth? A dental crown that caps and covers the entire tooth is the only way to truly resolve the problem. Placing a filling in the tooth or attempting to patch the cracked area are temporary remedies that will not stand up to normal biting forces. A dental crown will provide adequate strength so that you can bite confidently on any portion of the tooth. Oftentimes, the nerve inside of a cracked tooth can die, and the dentist will need to remove the diseased nerve tissue via a root canal treatment before placing the dental crown.

Occasionally, a crack can be so extensive that the tooth cannot be saved. In this scenario, the dentist might recommend removing the fractured tooth and replacing it with a dental implant or a bridge. Learn more about cracked tooth syndrome by contacting a Henderson dentist today.


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