Do You Really Need that Dental Treatment?

Do You Really Need that Dental Treatment?

Is there a dentist in Henderson who can be trusted not to sell you dental treatment that you don’t need? Is the dentist ‘selling’ you dental work that you don’t need? It’s a question that is likely to pop into your mind the moment that you are presented with a huge treatment plan. Hopefully, you can find comfort in knowing that this is probably not the case.

Dentists are trained—and ethically committed—to only recommend the best possible treatment for you. To prevent existing dental conditions from becoming worse, or to prevent future dental problems from developing, a dentist will often take a proactive approach in planning your treatment. In fact, most dentists, after examining your teeth and gums, would not suggest any treatment for you that they would not recommend for their own families. For example:

  • To strengthen weak or broken teeth, dental crowns may be recommended.
  • To replace missing teeth, dental implants or dental bridges may be recommended.
  • To straighten teeth, improve alignment, or alleviate TMJ problems, orthodontics might be suggested.
  • To reduce erosion and control nighttime teeth grinding, a bite guard might be recommended.

Trust is the Key

During your dental appointment, even before the dentist begins to make treatment recommendations, establishing trust is critically important. When you trust your dentist and feel comfortable with the level of care that you are receiving, you’ll be less likely to doubt the motivation behind the doctor’s advice. If you feel unsure about a recommendation, ask if the treatment is strongly advised or merely optional. A trustworthy dentist will be happy to explain your treatment needs and help you to weigh the risks of delaying the treatment.

If you have not already done so, ask your friends and family members to refer you to a dentist in Henderson whom they know, like, and trust. Then, call to schedule an appointment for a thorough dental examination today.


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